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Explosive News about Development Strategies for Digital Printing Equipment Industry of China!
Nov 26 2018 11:31:45 , 871

Organized by DPES, “The 8th China Printing Equipment Industry Development Strategy Conference and Printing Industry Leader Summit” was successfully held at Guangzhou Soluxe Hotel.

On Aug 29th, 2018, Mr. Dongwei Sun, General Manager of DPES, go along with Mr.Jianguo Xu who is chairman of PEIAC to make an investigation in DPES Sign Expo China of autumn. They have been interview nearly 20 exhibitors about they’re scale of company, product of marketing and industry trend. After that they were take part in the 8th Printing Equipment Industry Conference of China in the next day morning.

Mr. Dongwei Sun, General Manager of DPES presided over the meeting on Aug 30th. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr,Sun has introduced the leader and guest who was attend for manufacturer. After that Mr.Sun has classified digital printing equipment in National economy Industry catalogue and made a wonderful combing and review for industry’s history of development during the past 20 years.

▲Mr. Dongwei Sun, General Manager of DPES presided over the meeting.

Each of representatives was make a speech about Industry Chain, Intellectual Property, Technology Barrier, New Target, Environmental Control, the Requirement at Home and Abroad, Personnel Cost, Tax Cost and the Competitiveness of Chinese Manufacturing.

Mr. Xu was introducing their company background of establishment and its role in the industry. And he was making a summary of presentation of manufacturers. So digital printing, as a new technology in printing industry area, presents an upward period that Mr. Xu encouraged manufacturers who were attending conference to increase R & D power and keep alive of enterprise.

At the same time, also form the macro level Mr. Xu was analyze the tendency of economic and helped them know better about current market, and will have a bright develop room in the future. Mr. Xu also expressed that he will be 100% to support for the manufacturers who was looking forward to establish an industry organization. Through extensive research, he will choose the most appropriate time to establish an organization which is full of energetic character and set to the development, learning and research as one.

They were taking a break after the end of conference and continuing to research at Xintang. Accompanied by Mr. Yilin Wan, general manager of Jingtao Machinery and Electrical Co., Ltd, they visited the manufacturing workshops and listened to Mr. Wan’ analyzing of the current industry situation and future trends.

And the next conference was started at 15:30.Mr. Jianjun Li, chairman of China Printing Association Green Printing VOC Governance Committee, was invited by DPES. Mr. Li made analyze with manufacturers for Environmental of country Policy. And he provided some professional suggestions of processing program.Subsequently, the manufacturers made extensive communication with Mr. Li on the impact of the current environmental storm on the future of the industry, so as to clearly understand the direction of the future development of the industry.

Finally, Mr. Sun of DPES introduced the progress of work and related organization of the resent “Huaqiao Exhibition”, a self-organized exhibition in the relevant industries, and again extensively solicited the opinions of the manufacturers on the spot. At the end, everyone reached an agreement and they were unswervingly support the Huaqiao Exhibition, and effort to organize and coordinate the Huaqiao Exhibition so that the Huaqiao Exhibition holding successfully.


中国印刷及设备器材工业协会    理事长徐建国
中国印刷及设备器材工业协会   主任孙德意
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广州得杰科技有限公司(胜唯)   徐大辉
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广州吉辉电子设备有限公司   王福成
广州捷彩电子设备有限公司   叶娘宣
广州来丽智能科技有限公司   张辉
广州诺彩数码产品有限公司   王广乐
广州市傲彩机械设备有限公司   徐奕创
广州市傲杰数码电子科技有限公司   韩龙
广州市百瑞数码科技有限公司   闫洪亮
广州市骏驭印刷生产专用设备有限公司    宋明
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山东德创喷墨科技有限公司    王学春
山东海邦达机电科技有限公司    张钢、姜涛
上海博昊数码科技有限公司    高玉宝
上海汇屹数码科技有限公司    王凯毅
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上海勋朗机电科技有限公司    张斌
深圳恒诚伟业科技有限公司    张小兵
深圳市创想天诚数码科技有限公司    贾鹏举
深圳市汉森软件有限公司    童红波
深圳市汉拓数码有限公司    黎华林
深圳市科威亮实业有限公司    李广华
深圳市理想智能科技有限公司    陈智
深圳市龙润彩印机械设备有限公司    殷久林
深圳市越达彩印科技有限公司    吴越
武汉璟丰科技有限公司    朱亚雄
武汉龙印数码印花科技有限公司    张景春
武汉亿力电子科技有限公司    曹学士
西安西立电子技术有限公司    刘前立
浙江昱荣数码喷印技术有限公司    陈伟忠
郑州美孚数控设备有限公司    杜明洋
郑州新世纪数码科技股份有限公司    金利峰
中山市泰拓数码科技有限公司    何涛
珠海天威新材料股份有限公司    田永中
济南三义数字技术有限公司    郝庆玉
昆明宇之通科技有限公司    张建国
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▲Above enterprises rank dose not distinguish between before and after. 

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