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corrugated carton box short run production small quantity digital printing machine
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corrugated carton box  short run production small quantity digital printing machine

1)No need print platemaking
2)No need debug machine
3)No need clearning machine
4)low cost
5) Simple operation
6) Ultra large printing area
7)short run production, small quantity order
8) environmental protection
9) Save time and labor
10)do not waste corrugated material and ink
Power:MAX 1500W
Voltage:220V 50/60 HZ
Printing Area: unlimited length
Printing efficiency:Between 90 square meter and 150 square meter per hour
Printing resolution ratio:More than 360 DPI
Minimal character:Number,english between 2 and 3mm
Color Mode:CMYK(Cyan Magenta Yellow Black)
Graphic format:JPG,BMP,TIF
Sprinkler head:Foreign import high precision, Automatic adjustable distance
Control system:Professional printing control system
Drying rate:Corrugated Fast-drying ink(printing ink dry soon after printing
Ink supply system:dust-free totally-enclosed automatic Ink supply system
Working environment:room temperature between 3 and 45 centi-degree
humidity between 30% and 80%
Press roll:Infrared induction Automatic Press roll
Feed:Automatic/ manual operation
E-mail: aokecut@163.com
MSN aokecut@163.com
SKPYE :aokecut
Mobile phone :+0086-15916997282
contact person   Mrs betty