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Sublimation Ink (high quality)
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Sublimation Ink

Model No.: SI-A

Printer: Inkjet Printers (print head is to be piezo print head, which is adopted by Epson, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh)

Paper: Sublimation paper.

Color: 4 colors (BK,MG,CY,YL) / 6 colors (BK,MG,CY,YL,LC,LM)

Packing: 100ml/bottle; 1000ml/bottle


Sublimation ink

Use sublimation ink and heat press technology, you can transfer images to polyester, nylon, polyurethane, metals, plastics, ceramics, high temperature plastics, PVC card, etc. It can transfer pictures to T-shirts, mugs, caps, glass, tens, banners, fabric industry, stamp, art, gifts and so on. The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure; the process ensures beautiful color and high definition images. High quality color, fluent, good reversion of color, stable, a bit light resistance and compatible.



1. Adopt imported high-quality raw material, fine-grained particles, splendid and affluent, suitable for continuous printing.

2.Unique environment friendly formulation.

3. High grade frictional durability, perspiration durability, and Water-tolerant, can directly contact with skin, harmless to body

4. Professional color correction, bright color, and less reduction when transferred.


Storage Conditions:

Sealed, keep away from sunshine in 5-25 Celsius Degree for 18 months.


Once opened, keep away from Sunshine and use it up in 1 year.