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8R Lightbox PVC Backlit Pet Film Fabric Signage Grand Format UV Industrial Printer
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Mars 8R
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Ms. Beijing innovation technology co.,ltd JHF

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Product Details Company Profile

Ultra-Wide-Band Printing Pilot Attracts the Most Brilliant Star

Five metres wide, with 16 world-class industrial sprinklers, double 8 color perfectly reproduces the color gamut of the surface, pushing the quality of wide print to the photo level, helping you to re-establish the status of king.

Features and benefit

High resolution and faster speed
True 600dpi, high-speed industrial printhead with grayscale capability, higher speed and resolution.
 LM Guide, characterized high-precision, super-low running sound, make you enjoy peace and quiet in printing process.
High-positioning-accuracy metal encoder, high-performance linear motor, sealed high-precision control tech contribute superior printing resolution.
Highly-precise negative pressure system, cut down on wasted compressed air over 90%, effectively extend service time of air compressor.
With highly-precise vertical-position system, printhead carriage can be varied automatically, reducingdeviations and errors caused by manual operations.

 Automatic edge sensor on carriage enable multi-rolls printing, sharply increasing production capacity.

Safe and reliable towline solution

It is more suitable for high-speed printing in large quantities.
Safe and reliable towline solution, say goodbye to sports cable failures.
A unique UV lamp curing solution that instantly cures for clarity, brightness and color saturation.
The national patented tightening and feeding system, combined with the super-large diameter rubber roller, ensures that every step is accurate.

The national patented roller structure provides a solid foundation for the smoothing of the whole machine.

Reliable and humanized , precise control capacity

4pcs large-diameter rubber rollers minimize deflection, keep flat media and less deflection. Those rollers protect printed media surface and are capable of mass and express printing works.
Without physical buttons on printer body, R10000 adopt industrial PLC + touch screen. Printing task is to be completed on console. More intelligent to control each link of printer.
Rectangular welded frame with inner triangle ensures high strength and no deformation of printer body.
Each nozzle uses independent negative pressure control system to ensure stable output during printing process.

Full range alarm systems, such as media end sensor, edge sensor, negative pressure sensor, ink-feeding protect.

Multiple national patents

National patented Drive-Pinch Tension Media system, combined with jumbo diameter rubber roller, ensures that every step is accurate.
The national patented pinch rollers obtain solid foundation of running flat media.