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MCDC505  is all-digital DC servo drive system adopts high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) and integrated circuit, and come out to be a cost effective product with simple circuit, high integration, easy operation, and strong practicability. MCDC505 provide three feedback loops: position loop, velocity loop and current loop. Three work control mode: position, velocity and torque. McDC505 matches with DC servo motor under 50V and 200W.


2. Features

Position control: light isolate input PULSE/DIRECTION;

Speed control: input simulate 0-3.3V voltage signal (speed input by Pos.ff);

Torque control: input simulate 0-3.3V voltage signal (torque input by Pos.ff);

Width of current loop (-3dB) 2KHz (standard);

Width of velocity loop: 500 Hz (standard);

Width of position loop: 200 Hz (standard);

Perfect protection against overload, I2T, over-voltage, over current, overheating, short circuit, circuit interruption, chip damage;

Green light for on, red light for protected mode or offline.


3. Ports detail

Terminal block




Power GND

power ground



Power Positive



Motor Black wire



Motor red wire



Error warning/ reset



Encoder Power ground


E +5V

Encoder power positive


Phase A

Encoder Phase A


Phase B

Encoder Phase B






Step pulse



Power for Control signal



4. Parameter adjusting and setting

(potentiometer adjusting, CCW to minimize value, CW to maximize value)


A) Four pins on the Circuit Board for control mode setting, 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively from the margin.

1.      no plug in, position mode is pulse/direction;

2.      plug in 1, speed control, speed input by Pos.ff;

3.      plug in 2, torque control, torque input by Pos.ff;

4.      plug in 1 and 2, position control for positive pulse/negative pulse input;

5.      plug in 3, position control pulse/direction, but running direction converses.


B) 11 scale on the potentiometer, CCW to minimize the value to 0, CW to maximize the value to 10, and 5 in the middle.

Pos.ff : Position Feed-forward Control

Pos.P: position proportional gain control

Pos.D: position differential control

Vel.p : velocity proportional gain control


Servo system includes three feedback loop: position, velocity and torque(current). The inner loop responses with the fastest speed, and the middle loop must responses faster than the outer loop. A vibration will happen when the rule has not been followed. Customer need adjust the parameter of position loop and velocity loop only. Parameters of system would restrict each other, the output of position feedback would be unstable when just only the position feedback gains, which would lead to an unstable result of the whole servo system. Customer might take the following adjustment procedure as a reference:

1.      set Pos.ff and Pos.D to (3) on the potentiometer, set the Pos.P and Vel.p to (3), and then increase the Vel.p slowly till a vibration happens, then return 0.5 to 1 scale.

2.      increase the Pos.P till a vibration happens, and then increase the Pos.D till the vibration disappears.

3.      increase the Pos.ff to fulfill a minimum lag and overshoot.

4.      decrease the Vel.p properly when a vibration happens during the motor operation.

5.      decrease the Pos.P or increase the Pos.D properly when a vibration happens when the motor stop.


Maximize the Pos.P under the condition of none overshoot and no vibration. And then minitrim the Vel.P, Pos.ff and Pos.D till a perfect setting.


5. Specification

Input DC voltage range 20—50v(standard);

Continuous Output power:200W;

Continuous output current:6A 32KHz PWM;

Overload output current: 18A(3s);


Over current initiated peak value: 30A±10%;

Overload I2T current initiated value: 300% 5s;

Overheating initiated value: 80;

Over voltage initiated value: 65 v;

Under Voltage initiated value: 18V;


Maximum pulse input frequency:300K;

Maximum RS232C speed: 19.6Kbps (an extra transfer interface required);

Working environment:

No dust, no oil mist and no corrosive air;

Working temperature: 0-+50;

Storage temperature: -20--+80;


Cooling method: natural air cooling and forced air cooling;


Dimension: 118 x 76 x 35 mm

Weight: about 500g